SESAME TYPE: Mechanically hulled sesame seeds – Seeds Origin: Indian

Processing location: Greece

Product Description: Premium quality Indian, hulled sesame seeds. Hulling is done through a unique mechanical system, excluding the use of any chemical agent or additive at any stage of the process. The product is packed 99.97% pure thanks to multiple stages of foreign material removal. As an extra safeguard the product is treated in EcO2 modified atmosphere chambers, and through a 100% chemical free treatment it is delivered pest free to our client's excluding the risks of fumigation residues. This type of sesame can is suitable for bakery and confectionary preparations as topping or filler; lending volume, flavour and rich texture. It can be further toasted or used directly on the product.

Shelf life recommendation-storage : 12 months, at 12-26oC, 18 months for vacuum packed product. Store in a pest free, cool and dry place.


Organic product availability : Not available