SESAME TYPE: Natural washed and dried sesame seeds – Seeds Origin: Indian

Processing location: Greece

Product Description: Selected whole, unhulled Indian sesame seeds. This product of high quality and cleanness has resulted from a multiple staged process of thorough dry/wet cleaning and sorting for the removal of naturally occurring impurities. Conditioning prior to packing ensures optimal moisture levels and product integrity. The product is packed 99.97% pure at the highest hygiene standards. As an extra safeguard it is treated in EcO2 modified atmosphere chambers, and through a 100% chemical free treatment it is shipped pest free to our client's eliminating the risks of fumigation residues. This type of sesame retains its nutritious and rich in fibre husk providing a safe and wholesome ingredient at its purest form for the bakery and confectionary professional.


Shelf life recommendation-storage : 12 months, at 12-26oC,  18 months for vacuum packed product. Store in a pest free, cool and dry place.

Organic product availability : Not available