SESAME TYPE: Mechanically hulled sesame seeds – Seeds Origin: Ethiopian

Processing location: Greece

Product Description : Premium quality Ethiopian, hulled sesame seeds. Hulling is done through a unique mechanical system, excluding the use of any chemical agent or additive at any stage of the process. The product is packed 99.97% pure thanks to multiple stages of foreign material removal. As an extra safeguard the product is treated in EcO2 modified atmosphere chambers, and through a 100% chemical free treatment it is delivered pest free to our client's eliminating the risks of fumigation residues. This type of sesame is suitable for bakery and confectionary preparations as a topping or filler; lending volume, flavour, and a rich texture. It can be further toasted or used directly on the product.

Shelf life recommendation-storage : 12 months, at 12-26oC, 18 months for vacuum packed product. Store in a pest free, cool and dry place.
Organic product availability : Not available