A valuable friend

Many view sesame as a humble seed yet its nutritional value is significant. Sesame is a rich source of vitamin E , with properties that aid in arteriosclerosis protection and cancer risk reduction. Vitamin E is essential for the proper function of the immune system , beneficial in preventing cataracts, and reduces the risk of diabetes. It also has been known to delay Alzheimer s and Parkinson disease progression. This vital vitamin improves athletic ability and promotes longevity.

Sesame lignans boost the action of vitamin E. Experiments concluded that the addition of sesame in a diet slows down the aging process. Further, the main sesame lignan (sesamine) reduces the incidents of breast cancer and has the capacity to reduce cholesterol levels, protecting heart condition sufferers.

Sesamine is the only known substance that simultaneously stops the absorption of nutritionally derived cholesterol as well as the naturally induced synthesis . Another sesame lignan, pinoresinol was found to posses antihypertensive properties. This substance is contained in an herb that the Chinese have used to treat hypertension for thousands of years. Finally substances found in sesame improve liver function supporting its role in the fission of toxic substances such as ethanol. The latter finds practical use in the Greek custom of consuming halva (a sesame based dessert) after a few drinks.

The amount of scientific evidence is astounding and validates the traditional view claiming that sesame, sesame paste, oil and other related traditional products such as halva, or sesame snacks, promote good health, longevity and quality of life.

The health benefits of sesame and sesame oil as part of human diet have been a field of intense research by the scientific community. Their findings now clearly prove the beneficial properties of sesame. Our company has been actively supporting research in this field through common research projects with some highly esteemed institutions, like the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki and Harokopeio University of Athens.