Social and Environmental Responsibility

Haitoglou Bros was the first industry in Greece to switch to natural gas as its main energy source. As processors and producers of natural foods we appreciate purity and do our best to minimize our carbon footprint.
In this respect, energy conservation is part of our daily operation coupled with an active recycling system and a waste treatment unit. Pest control treatment of finished goods is performed in modified atmosphere chambers (EcO2), which is an effective, 100% natural method that excludes the use of chemicals. Our operation is monitored and managed through an intrinsic ISO 14001 system.
At Haitoglou Bros we recognize the importance of giving back to the community and we are actively involved in many projects including sponsorships of events and institutions, school training programs and donations to welfare programs for children and the elderly.

Haitoglou Bros has an expansive blood donation system and owns a blood bank that covers the needs of employees and their relatives as well as local community requirements. The kindergarten of Kalochori, with a capacity of 70 infants, is a donation of Haitoglou Bros as a token of gratitude for the support and hospitality of the local community.