Sesame flour


Production location: Greece

Product Description: Thin, ivory coloured sesame flour with characteristic aroma. Rich in protein (min 42%) and sesame oil (18-22%). It has good fat absorbing and emulsifying properties. It has a distinct yet discreet taste. Our sesame flour has been derived from roasted Ethiopian sesame seeds. It is suggested as flour booster and has high compatibility to wheat flour for baking mixtures. Due to its emulsifying and stabilizing properties, it contributes to the formulation of smooth creams. Its ability to bind added fat increases the cohesion of final products. Due to its high protein content, this 100% GMO-FREE ingredient can equally replace added whey powder as well as soy proteins or corn starch.


The recommended contribution to the mixture is 7-9%. The natural antioxidants of sesame flour can prolong the shelf life of bakery products when added.

Shelf life recommendation-storage : 6-12 months (in recommended conditions T≤ 16-20oC, RH ≤ 55-60% )

Organic product availability : Available