Processing Management

With a capacity of 150 tons per day, our facility is the largest and most well equipped in Europe, dedicated to the processing of sesame seeds. From raw material storage and processing, to final product packing we apply the strictest HACCP principles and constant quality control with full scale traceability.

Our quality chain starts with the meticulous selection of certified and GMO-free, raw materials, through a well established and managed procurement network that shields our company from market fluctuations, coupled with unique stock keeping capacity. All raw materials are in compliance to the highest quality and safety standards. Like this we establish a safe and sound processing basis.

Processing and packaging facilities are equipped with the best available machinery, operated by qualified and supervised personnel. Production and resources are managed under a stringent HACCP program and constant quality control.Processes and procedures are certified according to ISO 9001 and IFS standards. The environmental impact of our operation is monitored and controlled through the procedures of our ISO 14001 system.

Storage of raw materials and finished products is facilitated in a total of 15,000 m2 dedicated and segregated warehouses, designed and managed so as to maintain product quality and integrity. The whole complex is covered by a well-managed pest control system.

Final products are shipped pest free, employing a very effective and environmentally friendly fumigation alternative method without the use of chemicals. Instead of the standard fumigation methods, our company has installed a system of modified atmosphere chambers (EcO2 system). The product is loaded in special airtight climate chambers and through alteration of the air composition and temperatures, the goods and products are effectively treated to prevent or exclude pest risks (for more info see ). The system is highly effective and eliminates the use of hazardous and toxic substances with all associated risks for the product and the consumer. This integrated production approach ensures that our customers receive certified, high quality products of the highest safety standards and full scale traceability.